You’re Wasting Marketing Dollars As a Public Adjuster If You’re Doing These 3 Things

You’re Wasting Marketing Dollars As a Public Adjuster If You’re Doing These 3 Things

Here’s the goal of marketing as a public adjuster:

Put $1 into marketing. Get at least $1.01 back in revenue.

That’s a simplified version. You’re investing bigger dollar amounts than that. And hopefully you’re making more than $0.01… But you get the idea. 

The big problem we see day after day?

Many public adjusters, with certain marketing activities, are basically throwing money away. Flushing it down the 🚽. 

It looks kinda like this 👇 (except not as cute).

In this guide, we share three common marketing strategies that public adjusters are doing that are a big, fat waste of cash. Scroll down to learn more.

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In this guide, we share three common marketing strategies that public adjusters are doing that are a big, fat waste of cash. Scroll down to learn more.

#1: Sporadically & Un-Strategically “Posting to Social Media”

The first way to waste money as a public adjuster is to sporadically and un-strategically post to social media.

Important distinction!

We are NOT saying that social media marketing is a waste of money. It’ll make sense in a sec.

What we ARE saying is that doing something like this 👇 is a waste of money:

  • Going to Instagram and posting a selfie, talking about how great your coffee was this morning.
  • Posting SUPER salesy Facebook posts 10 times per day.
  • Doing a 10-minute monologue on LinkedIn, yet failing to respond to the people who comment on your post.

Here are a couple examples of what NOT to do:

This public adjusting company decided to post, every single Monday, a “Motivational Monday” post…

Yes, this is a public adjusting company spending time, money, and resources posting stuff like this! 

Here’s another public adjusting company that, out of 6 social media posts, had 5 of them about either Christmas or Thanksgiving. Now, it’s okay being festive… but are these activities really going to bring you paying clients?

In the bottom left we notated the public adjusting company to prove that yes, this is a public adjusting company’s social media account.

We’re not doing this to embarrass them. We’re doing this to prove that this is how a lot of public adjusting companies are spending their social media marketing budget.

What To Do Instead

If you’re going to consider a social media marketing strategy, then it has to be just that… a STRATEGY!

You need to:

  • Define your target audience
  • Create a content calendar with content that will ALIGN with your target audience
  • Deploy strategies that increases your followers (because why post to social media when you only have 3 followers?)
  • Engage with your target audience on social media (yep, like commenting or liking their content)

Sounds like a lot of work, huh? Well, it is! 

Many public adjusters think… I’ll invest the smallest budget possible, less than $150 a month, in social media marketing. 

What they don’t realize is that it’s better to go out to a nice steak dinner with that money because sporadically and un-strategically posting to social media is nearly identical to throwing that money away.

Either invest in social media marketing and do it RIGHT or don’t invest at all.

#2: Waiting Until After the Storm Hits to Think About Marketing

This happens pretty frequently…

Us: “So your marketing isn’t really working, huh? Can you tell us what you did?”

Public Adjuster: “Well, there was a big hail storm that rolled through last month. So last week we did some marketing to try to get some business from the storm.”

Us: “So let’s get this straight… a hail storm hit 30 days ago? And you started marketing last week?”

Public Adjuster: “Yep, that’s right.”

Well, no surprise the marketing isn’t going to work as well as you want it to!

What To Do Instead

  • Strategize a marketing campaign before the storm.
  • Right after the storm hits, understand which zip codes had the most damage.
  • Deploy that marketing strategy in a hyper-targeted, hyper-local campaign that ONLY targets those specific zip codes IMMEDIATELY after the storm.
  • For the next couple of weeks, refine and retarget those users that came to your site.
  • Convert clients and make $$$.

#3: Thinking That “Marketing” Is a One & Done Activity

Marketing is an ongoing process. 

Actually, that doesn’t really define it..

Marketing… is… it’s more of a science experiment.


  • You have a hypothesis of what’s going to happen
  • You start the marketing activities
  • You gather TONS of data to determine if the hypothesis is true
  • If the hypothesis is true (aka you’re making money and getting new clients), you can continue with the same strategy
  • If the hypothesis is NOT true (aka you’re not getting new leads or clients), then you pivot and adjust the original hypothesis and try new marketing activities

Marketing is definitely not a one-and-done type thing.

You can’t just “do” SEO once and hope that your website ranks #1 in Google forever.

You can’t just “run” a Google Ads campaign by setting and forgetting. 

You’re basically spending money and gambling that it’ll work. Or, in other words, there’s a good chance you’re wasting money.

That’s not how it works. Marketing your public adjusting services takes time. It takes gathering data. It takes iterations!

What To Do Instead

Here’s what you should plan on doing if you want a REALLY successful public adjusting marketing campaign:

  1. Plan on spending time on it
  2. Plan on gathering tons and tons of data
  3. Plan on iterating
  4. Plan on testing
  5. Plan on being okay saying “this didn’t work.”
  6. Plan on “pouring gas” on marketing activities that DO work

If you’re not gathering data, iterating, and pivoting your marketing campaign, then you’re likely wasting part of your marketing budget.

Let’s use an example that happens all the time:

Someone’s roof gets damaged during a hailstorm.

A week later they’re sitting on the couch watching Netflix with their dog. They pull out their smartphone and type in “hail damage insurance adjuster Denver.”

What do they see? This is what they see.