Partnership Marketing

Referral are a great source of leads. Have us expand your network by connecting with the right people.

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LinkedIn Marketing

We will start off by interviewing you with who are the most likely people in your area to bring you a referral. We will then create a B2B LinkedIn marketing plan. We will proactively reach out via LinkedIn and create relationships for you.

Average results: 300 new connections a month. Expect 15-25 leads a month. A lead would be someone who is interested in talking with you.

Pricing Table*

Plan Benefits Free Members Plus Members
  • Determine initial and follow-up messaging strategy.
  • Determine ideal referral clients.
  • Build search groups to find clients.
  • Weekly reporting via Google Sheets.
  • All of the above.
  • Coordinate with prospect until an appointment is made.
  • All of the above.
  • Publish 3 posts per week to your account.
  • We will scrape emails from prospects profile and put it in the report (making follow up easier).

*Please note an upgraded LinkedIn account called Sales Navigator is required. Typically you can get Sales Navigator free for 30 days and $80/month after that. The above prices do not reflect this cost.  

Before filling out the below form, please be sure to have a LinkedIn account with a fully filled out profile.

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